The Project on Resources, Development, and Governance (PRDG) is a network of social scientists, policymakers, non-governmental organizations and industry representatives dedicated to finding policies that promote welfare, peace, and accountability in resource-rich countries.


About three dozen low- and middle-income countries are economically dependent on revenues from oil, gas, or mining. The governance of these industries, and the revenues they generate, have far-reaching consequences for their citizens. Many studies show that these countries struggle with corruption, civil conflict, and undemocratic institutions. But while thousands of studies consider the problems caused by poorly-managed resource wealth, very few have helped identify solutions.

New initiatives have been launched by several multilateral organizations, industry groups, non-governmental organizations, and philanthropic foundations. Yet, we know surprisingly little about the impact of these initiatives.

PRDG brings together social scientists and practitioners who share an interest in testing policy interventions to find effective solutions. We have three goals:

  1. Foster collaborations that lead to rigorous new research projects;
  2. Train scholars to carry out policy-relevant research; and
  3. Disseminate this research to policymakers.

PRDG reflects our deep belief in the capacity of social science research – when carried out with rigorous methods and interpreted with care – to improve people’s lives.  We also believe the time is ripe to use more advanced social science research methods, particularly experimental and quasi-experimental methods, to address the special problems facing resource-rich low and middle income countries.